About Us

Lendrex was founded in 2013 to deliver complex machined and assembled products required by leading OEMs. For example, we manufacture the world’s most advanced cutting tools developed by our sister company, Endres Machining Innovations (EMI). EMI products include cutting-tool bodies with integrated precision bearings, fine adjustment mechanisms, and precision coolant delivery features. We thrive on the complexity.

At Lendrex we view every machining and assembly challenge through our ‘lenses’ of expertise — an expert machining lens, an expert cutting-tool lens, and an expert mechanical-design lens. Through efficient setup design, we deliver unsurpassed quality with greater efficiency and throughput.

Machining, complex geometries, and precision assemblies are what we live and breathe. While our equipment is important — it is indeed top-notch — anyone can buy the equipment. It’s our culture and our people that stand out — with a tenacious work ethic, never satisfied with the status quo.

We don’t just think 3-D, we think 4-axis, 5-axis, even 8-axis. Furthermore, we have access to EMI’s creative, world-class experts in cutting-process mechanics and dynamics. We thrive on the tough jobs — complex geometries, tight tolerances, alloy steel, tool steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloys, precision assembly — from prototypes and test samples to production runs of thousands.

The outstanding Lendrex team includes production engineers, machinists, machine operators and assembly technicians. Our fulfillment comes with the jobs that many others won’t consider. We welcome your challenge and look forward to delivering the next project that borders on impossible, for that’s where we live.