Expert MachiningTM

Machining, complex geometries, and precision assemblies are what we live and breathe. While our equipment is important — it is indeed top-notch — anyone can buy the equipment. It’s our culture and our people that stand out — with a tenacious work ethic, never satisfied with the status quo.
Complex Parts & Assemblies

We push the bounds of what’s possible. Our team thrives on complex geometries and the challenge of minimizing set-ups... [learn more]
3/4/5-Axis Machining

We don’t just think 3-D, we think 4-axis, 5-axis, even 8-axis, and not “outside the box” but without a box to start with... [learn more]
Employment Opportunities

The Lendrex work environment is casual though demanding. Each member of the Lendrex team must be more than willing... [learn more]